Speedball Deluxe Block Printing Kit

ULTIMATE BUNDLE – This block printing kit is designed for the true block printing artist or enthusiast. This bundle has everything you need to make outstanding prints!

GORGEOUS PRINTS – With this linoleum block printing kit you can create your own limited edition prints, artistic prints, card crafting or other paper crafts!

PREMIUM CUTTERS – The lino cutters are hand-crafted from high-quality tempered steel and have hand-ground cutting edges that are ideal for both soft and hard substrates.

COMFORT GRIP HANDLE – The lino handle is made from hard plastic with a hand-adjustable metal chuck making it easy to install and change cutters. The end of the handle twists off for convenient storage of cutters.

VARIETY OF PRINTING INKS – The included block printing inks (black (75cc), red, yellow and blue) are water-soluble, AP Non-Toxic and archival. Also includes water-soluble ink extender.

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