VEVOR Industrial Chiller

  • Economical and Practical: Tank capacity: 6 L; Maximum flow: 16 L/min; Precision: ±32.54℉/0.3℃; Cooling capacity: 800 W; Voltage: 110V; Frequency: 60 Hz. The CW-5000 industrial chiller is equipped with an energy-saving design, and it can also extend the service life of laser tubes and ensure the better use of the CNC machine.
  • Strong Heat Dissipation Capacity: The water chiller has two professional forced air-cooled radiators, high heat dissipating capacity, and cannot easily be blocked. It uses a standard R410a refrigerant to keep laser cutting and engraving machines cool during use.
  • Accurate Thermostat: This laser water chiller features two working temperature modes: constant temp and intelligent temp adjustment. Constant temperature control mode is selected as factory setting with water temp at 25℃, and you can adjust it as needed.
  • Various Alarm Functions: This professional industrial chiller has multiple warning protection mechanisms to ensure it is safe to use, such as water flow alarm protection, high/low-temperature alarm, compressor delay protection as well as compressor overcurrent protection.
  • Multiple Application: CW-5000 Series professional industrial water chiller is suitable for small water-cooled cooling devices requested machinery. It is designed for cooling the one CO2 glass laser tube under 80W/100W of the laser engraving and cutting machine.
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