VEVOR Propane Knife Forge

  • Striking Power Output: Our propane knife forge is built to provide an approximate maximum heating temperature of 2462℉/ 1350℃, enough for forging most metals. The 76.8 kW·h / 262k BTU burner can boost heating efficiency. The thick high purity aluminium silicate fiber insulation blanket and forge lid will help maintain temperature for a long time.
  • Large Capacity: Our propane forge boasts a spacious workspace, providing the ideal exposure to the flame center spot thanks to the suitable chamber volume. Meanwhile, the 1.5 mm pure iron cold-rolled plate case is relatively rigid and durable for long-term usage.
  • Balance Right Temperature: This farrier forge can function by adjusting the gas pressure via spinning the knob on the gas pressure regulator. Additionally, the ball valve can switch the gas output independently. The push-pull oxygen port switch is convenient to operate.
  • Blacksmithing Forge Kit: We provide a complete kit of forging accessories to fit our propane forge, including a pair of high-temperature gloves, a tong, a gas hose, a gas pressure regulator, a refractory brick, a support frame, a burner, 2 throat hoops, 1 PTFE tape, and an air chock. You can create your blacksmithing works at will.
  • Steps for Usage: Here are some basic instructions for how to use this propane forge knife maker. Firstly, put the fire brick into the forge. Secondly, put a lit combustible into the forge. Then, open all the gas inlet valves. Finally, adjust the gas pre.
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