Why Wonder Matters: Creating Authentic Connections

Why Wonder Matters

“But why do I need to learn about science?” or “I’m not good at math. I can’t do this.” Or maybe, “I don’t know how to do this. I have no ideas!” You probably have these responses from students. In this session, Sandy will show how to use age-old techniques of storytelling, asking questions, crafting analogies, and even sharing humor to energize any learner. In this workshop, learn to engage your students, connect them deeply to the content, build a creative culture, and, most importantly, invoke their sense of wonder by giving them the context and encouragement they need to explore fearlessly.

Sandy Roberts

Sandy Roberts has been a certified STEM educator for over 13 years. She shares her love of science, engineering, technology, and maker activities through her business, Kaleidoscope Enrichment, as a host for Maker Camp, as Makerspace Coordinator for the Warren County Library System, and as the author of The Big Book of Maker Camp Projects. As a scientist, a teacher, and a mom, she loves to learn with her students as they create and innovate.


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