Why $MAKE?

Maker culture emphasizes discovery through experimentation and testing new technologies in conjunction with or instead of traditional systems. Maker culture involves taking risks, iterative learning, and sharing knowledge with community members via networked technologies.

As a catalyst for the maker movement, Make: has created forums where like-minded people can experiment, share knowledge, and build community. We are launching an all-voluntary rewards program backed by blockchain and cryptographic technology, which we believe will benefit our community.

Blockchain and cryptography, while not new, are technologies that are increasingly being used for mainstream applications. They represent the future—the future of information security, finance, communication, healthcare, voting, and even the arts. For example, blockchain technology is being used for music distribution by Audius, a music streaming and sharing platform. These time and cost-saving technologies have the potential to revolutionize commonplace applications, and we’re excited to explore how they can help support individual makers and deepen community engagement.

To mint $MAKE Coin, we are partnering with Rimark—a company founded by a maker raised on the ethos of maker culture. In this initial phase of discovery, we will distribute $MAKE Coins to recognize and reward contributions and engagement in our community. For example, Coins can be earned by participating in the Amazing Maker Awards in the following ways: registering, submitting a project, reviewing projects, and being selected as finalists. All current magazine subscribers and members will be rewarded with $MAKE Coins at the Coin launch. On an ongoing basis members will be able to earn $MAKE by subscribing to Make: magazine or renewing their community memberships.

Please check out the FAQ page to learn more.