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Mare Island Waterfront
October 18-20, 2024

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Makey:bit Adventure Board

Superpower your microcontrollers and projects with the Makey:bit! Adventure Board with micro:bit!

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Young Makers Bundle

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Build and shoot your own fireworks — legally — with help from the DIY fireworks community. Learn about DIY fireworks, conventions, tools, and safety with the extended “Making Fireworks” article by Victor Chaney and Ellen Webb featured in Make: Volume 85.
We are excited to share with you a carefully curated collection of cosplay tutorials and projects that have been featured in Make: magazine and our blog. We have been collection projects, tutorials, tips and tricks for years and have so much to share.
Since its inception, the Arduino has been an extremely powerful tool for tinkerers, artists, and makers. The extensive documentation and passionate community have really made the Arduino a fixture in the maker world. Beginners and experts alike love to use them.
Make: has cooked up something new and delicious just for you. Dive into this veritable feast of the best Pi projects from all corners of our magazine, shed, and faires. And don’t forget to pass it around so your family & friends can join in on the fun too!

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Founded by Dale Dougherty of the Maker Movement.

At Make: we are passionate about empowering people to build or remake their own things, from simple projects to complex inventions. We believe that the joy of creating something with your own hands is unmatched, and as the leading voice of the Maker Movement, we can get you started and take you further.

Make: is a global platform that allows Makers come together to learn, share, make, and collaborate. The launch of Make: magazine in 2005, followed by Maker Faire in 2006, jumpstarted a worldwide Maker Movement which is transforming innovation, culture, and education.

Maker Camp registration on Make: Community is free.

We provide you with resources (project ideas & step-by-step instructions, community connection) to summer camps and young Makers interested in DIY, making, creating, crafting, hacking, tinkering, and learning. Maker Camp connects Camp leaders from across the globe as they create, invent and build projects like stop-motion animation, junk automata, and rainbow spectroscopes.

Member sites spread across all 50 states and 6 continents. Sites include public libraries, Boys & Girls Clubs, makerspaces, 4-H Clubs, and community summer camps.

DIY Kits, Tools, Books, Parts and More Since 2005.

Think of the coolest technology bookstore, museum gift shop, arts & craft shop and electronics store you can dream up and roll them all into one. That’s the idea behind Maker Shed. A smart collection of books, kits, robots, microcontrollers, science sets, electronics, tools and supplies, all curated by us, the people behind Make: and the Maker Faire.

Make celebrates your right to tweak, bend, hack and play with your technology on your time, online, at home, in your local library or makerspace and across 100’s of Maker Faires around the globe.


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