Amazing Maker Awards 2022 - EducationAward

She Builds Robots

Christina Ernst

Free website for teen girls to learn art-centric robotic projects.
Solid. We love the impact...LOVE LOVE LOVE literally cried seeing this - fantastic motivation, execution, everything; "Less Big Bang Theory and more what-if-Coco-Chanel-knew-about-conductive-thread" <3 <3 <3 —Make:

Top Prize & Education Category Winner - $5,000 prize

Amazing Maker Awards 2022 - Artistic Award

❤️ ❤️ An Artistic Exploration of Contemporary Online Courtship

Kenzie Housego

❤️ ❤️ explores contemporary courtship language and symbols. Combining embroidery, craft, and technology such as LEDs, motion sensors, and chatbots, viewers are invited to engage in a dialog with the artwork literally and conceptually.
I'm absolutely blown away by the social commentary and craftspersonship. A new take on a somewhat familiar combination of embroidery + empowerment message. The electronics are a very nice touch and tell a story you can feel. Excellent neo + trad; I like the juxtaposition of racy emojis and old-fashioned embroidery. —Make:

1st Prize & Artistic Category Winner - $2500 prize

Amazing Maker Awards 2022 - Technical Award

Opensource $300 Real Time PCR "qNinja" and $50 LAMP machine "qNinja Lite"

Shingo Hisakawa

Everyone can make and design their own gene testing.
Amazing. We are excited to evaluate technical viability, very Cool. It will exhibit at Maker Faire Tokyo 2022! Check it out if you are in the area. —Make:

1st Prize & Technical Category Winner - $2500 prize

Amazing Maker Awards 2022 - Social Impact Award

Coded Breath. A Non-Invasive Diagnostic Approach

Caleb Kodama

This project aims to determine if the volatile organic compounds of our breath can be used to diagnose fungal pneumonia, by developing an Electronic-Nose utilizing A.I. technology, while simultaneously transmitting patient data wirelessly
Clever, he developed the data set and trained the AI (with B.Cabe's help) to distinguish correctly between the types of pneumonia. —Make:

1st Prize & Social Impact Category Winner - $2500 prize

Amazing Maker Awards 2022 - Community Choice Award

Nikola Tesla interactive animatronic bust

Daniel Springwald

An interactive animatronic bust of the great inventor Nikola Tesla, with which you can talk about his life.
Who knew Tesla had such amazing lashes? An excellent and impressive multi-disciplinary project and presentation. A TON of work in different disciplines. They should have a job in the industry. —Make:

Community Choice Award Winner - $1500

Amazing Maker Awards 2022 - Young Maker Award


Selin Alara Ornek

IC4U3 (I see for you – 3rd Version) is a robot guide dog for visually impaired people
I LOVE the motivation, story, journey, and depth of the research/experimentation! Very cool! IF it can detect moving vehicles etc. and stop them from walking into their path. Very fun exercise and we think is would win any science fair there is. —Make:

Young Maker Award Winner - $1000

Amazing Maker Awards 2022 - Artistic Award

Four Muses

Alana Balagot

Four experimental robotic instruments are controlled wirelessly with a MIDI keyboard and LED matrix display in four different modes.
Gorgeous. Give me wood and electronics every day. I love the ingenuity of this one! Plus, it makes its fantastic soundtrack! Really full-featured and impressive - and beautiful! —Make:

Artistic Category: 2nd Place - $250

Amazing Maker Awards 2022 - Artistic Award

Music Derby

Tetsuji Katsuda

Music Derby is a game in which sound of music runs seven robots. The player predicts which robot will go the farthest when a tune is over. Music Derby can visualize the frequency of occurrence of notes on the scale in a song.
What an incredibly unique idea! This is a fantastic example of someone effectively realizing something that appeared in their brain - I love it! —Make:

Artistic Category: 3rd Place - $100

Amazing Maker Awards 2022 - Over The Top Award

Servo Wordclock v2

Moritz von Sivers

In this variation of the popular word clock, letters are projected from the back onto a screen, each letter is connected to a linear actuator that can be moved back and forth by a servo so that the projection changes size and focus.
300 3D printed parts, 115 servos - a crazy effort just for a word clock. The payoff is that it's unique, animated, and beautiful compared to others. The wiring is probably the most impressive to me visually. I love this; we blogged version 1 in 2019: — too crazy complicated —Make:

Over the Top Award - $250

Amazing Maker Awards 2022 - DIT Community Award

BrightBikes BoomBike

Andrew Rudolph

When the pandemic hit and we couldn’t get together indoors for big events, we brought the party outside with our giant mobile boombox bike!
I love that it is a community build -- also pro-bike and Covid outdoor solution, astonishingly well-produced and compelling video! I LOVE seeing the community response it elicited; I would have loved to see a bit more about how the device itself works and what it can do. I'm blown away, I love it. I've seen this in person, it's great. I want one or two. —Make:

DIT Community Build Award - $250

Amazing Maker Awards 2022 - Playful MakerAward

Giganty's Bouncing Infinity Gadget

Sarah Gonsalves

This project shown is a 20′ tall hand cranked machine that tosses 5000 superballs into a bounce chamber where the careem around and bounce off musical cymbals to make analog music! The Render is the re-design for 2022!
Impressive and a childhood dream realized. Made for Burning Man but people of all ages would like to play with this one. —Make:

Playful Maker Award - $250

Amazing Maker Awards 2022 - Technical Award

Automatic Table Saw Fence, Router Lift and Joinery Maker

Richard Want

This is a system that calculates and automates a few different woodworking processes on-the-fly with very high precision.
extremely impressive and polished system, plus love the journey from MD to hardware but it's the joinery software (dovetails etc) that impressed me. —Make:

Technical Category: 2nd Place - $250

Amazing Maker Awards 2022 - Honorable Mention

3D Hangman Game

Lochlan Fitzgerald

My game is a new way to play hangman without drawing. This 3D version is tactile for both the letters and “man”. You have to guess the letters of the word before the whole body is put together. It’s a great way to learn spelling.
Solid concept and execution...what's not to like about a grandfather working with his grandson to make something. —Make:

Honorable Mention

Amazing Maker Awards 2022 - EducationAward

TapeBlocks: Creative Circuit Making for All

Kirsten Ellis

TapeBlocks are the accessible, affordable, versatile and creative circuit making activity that is accessible for everyone including people living with a disability. TapeBlocks combine technology with creativity for play and exploration
I love the motivation and simplicity of the implementation - a well-thought-out and practical idea to make electronics more accessible. I like that it is more accessible for those with dexterity issues, so easy and cheap compared to LitleBits and other similar items. —Make:

Education Category: 2nd Place - $250

Amazing Maker Awards 2022 - Honorable Mention

Ghostbuster PKE Meter Real — MoonMakers

Diego Francisco Luna Lopez

We brought to life the PKE Meter, one of the Ghostbusters tools invented by Dr. Egon Spengler, using 3D printing, Raspberry pi, and the Wio Terminal. We created artificial intelligence to detect ghosts. Find out how we created it!
Great execution, I love the "ghost detection" (logo) idea. It is a super well-done prop and it ACTUALLY tracks something. That's awesome! —Make:

Honorable Mention

Amazing Maker Awards 2022 - Science Fair Award

How Plants Share Nutrients

Sofia Egan

A simulation of how trees share nutrients through mycorrhizal networks.
Nice demo of Arduino code for each technology in the model. I would have loved to hear more about the students and their journey. Cute. —Make:

Science Fair Award - $100

Amazing Maker Awards 2022 - Honorable Mention

Smart City of Vukovar — Our view of smart living

Davor Sijanovic

This magnificent model offers a solution in a greater electricity saving, better use of a solar Sun power panels, and reducing the traffic jams on the road as well as around the parking lots.
Nice demo of Arduino code for each technology in the model...would have loved to hear more about the students and their journey...cute. —Make:

Honorable Mention

Amazing Maker Awards 2022 - Honorable Mention

Educational Robot Arm

Isaac Venezia

A low-cost robot arm designed to give more students access to robotics.
This is a huge project! So much CAD. It is a great project and smart design to keep it low budget (steppers, counterweight). The files are shared but we would love to see a tutorial. —Make:

Honorable Mention

Amazing Maker Awards 2022 - Technical Award

Build the world's lightest (19 Lbs.) foldable coroplast tandem canoe

Hong Wong

DIY a super light weight (19 lbs.) foldable 10 ft. long coroplast canoe for two
I think this is precisely what the AMAs should be about - realizing an idea or solution to a problem that you had, using materials that make it easy to repro, and iterating to improve it. A cheap and relatively easy build of an expensive product. Great job! —Make:

Technical Category: 3rd Place - $100

Amazing Maker Awards 2022 - Science Fair Award

Air Quality Pop-up Pavilion: Rethinking Shared Spaces

Avye Couloute

The Air Quality Pavilion uses an internal sensor to monitor & then trigger various reactions to the CO2 levels, including opening & closing motorised shutter walls, an automatic sliding skylight, a fan & colour-coded warning lights.
I love the concept and implementation, really excellent!!! What a gorgeous display of a science project - great build, smart CO2/ventilation Covid response. —Make:

Science Fair Award - $100

Amazing Maker Awards 2022 - The Chindogu Award

Stop Face Touching Device

Chen Lu

I built a device to stop touching my face.
Fun and engaging presentation! I laughed at “pan sear”; almost kind of “crappy robot” complicated solution vibe. I love the playful nature of this. It’s silly and funny. A chindogu type device but also a great demo of just how often you touch your face without realizing it. —Make:

Chindogu Award - $250

Amazing Maker Awards 2022 - Social Impact Award

RGB LED Scrolling Facemask

Lorraine Underwood

A facemask that scrolls what you’re saying, transcribed from speech-to-text
This project is exactly what the AMAs are about - simple, elegant realization of a great idea; great iteration and journey - love it! I LOVED this early in the pandemic and it is a product now. A flexible higher res screen would be more legible but I love the creativity here, troubleshooting and execution. —Make:

Social Impact Category: 2nd Place - $250

Amazing Maker Awards 2022 - Social Impact Award

Communication Robot for Nursing home

Yoshiharu Kawamura

Buddy-kun is a robot that talks, instructs and guides singing and gymnastics, and plays musical instruments in kindergartens and nursing homes.
Pretty strong robot build with visual and speech AI. If it could fetch objects or call 911 for seniors, that would be amazing! Impressive realization of a fairly well-worn concept. —Make:

Social Impact Category: 3rd Place - $100


Matt's Maker Space

Noelle Conover

We were able to design and create these unique makerspaces through collaboration with Carnegie Mellon and with the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.
The first-ever Community Maker Award is given to that special person whose work expands the maker community by providing access to those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience the joy of making and learning. 

Community Maker Award - $5,000

Amazing Maker Awards 2022 - Honorable Mention

Craftin' the The TeleCrafsMan

Ray Rumore

The TeleCrafsMan is a Telepresence Robot we created so the CrafsMan can attend events.
Truly a labor of love with the added bonus of being a family-made project. We can't wait to meet CrafsMan at a Maker Faire. —Make:

Honorable Mention

Alpha CubeSat — Reaching for the Stars

Joshua Umansky-Castro

Alpha is a 1U CubeSat designed to deploy a spin stabilized free flying light sail fitted with ChipSats (satellite-on-a-chip technology). The project demonstrates light sail technologies that are suitable for interstellar propulsion.

We're excited to see these CubeSats deployed hopefully later this year! It is no surprise that this was one of the community's most voted projects as students are pushing the edge of light sail technology. —Make:

Makers in Space Award - $250