Make: Education Forum 2022 Presentations

A Maker Camp in a Metaverse

A Maker Camp in a Metaverse

During the pandemic the Fabriano public library makerspace offered a virtual maker camp in the metaverse where room, objects and activity can be designed by the campers themselves. The workshops intend to show educators the opportunities, limits and the threats of such a dimension.

Maria Beatrice Rapaccini

Maria Beatrice Rapaccini

About them: Maker Ed, maths teacher. The first teacher to bring tinkering activities in a public school in Italy.
Co-founder in 2013 of the makerspace in the Fabriano public library, Italy.

Materials Needed: A pc or laptop with camera. Mobiles or tablets can be used only as a listener



Costin Dragoi


Student, Camper, and makerEd

Costin Dragoi headshot