Make: Education Forum 2022 Presenters

Making it Move

Making it Move

Everyone love projects that move or include motion. There are so many wonderful projects that can be made with just simple household supplies. I will showcase several projects from my website and Instagram and then show, step by step how to make a couple of projects.

Rob Ives

Rob Ives
About: Rob Ives is an artist and former educator. He has published numerous books about hands on paper and "junk" based projects and posts clever and fun projects regularly on Instagram and Twitter.


Materials Needed: 4 Paper cups 7-12 oz size
4 sheets of copy paper
1 piece of soft cardboard (cereal box size or similar)
1 piece corrugated cardboard (approximately 6" x 6" or larger)
4 plastic or paper drinking straws
sharp nail, golf tee or something similar to poke a hole in cardboard
tape – scotch tape or masking tape
optional: glue stick, markers